Stormy Daniels Tears Into Her Ex-Lawyer Michael Avenatti With A Zinger About Naked Trump

Porn actor Stormy Daniels said she is “far more angrier” with her former disgraced lawyer Michael Avenatti than with former President Donald Trump, with whom she allegedly had an affair and was later paid to keep silent about.

Daniels tore into Avenatti in an interview Tuesday with NewsNation’s Dan Abrams, mocking her one-time attorney with a reference to her alleged tryst with Trump.

“He doesn’t scare me. I’ve seen Donald Trump naked. Nothing Michael Avenatti can say will scare me,” she cracked.

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, said Avenatti ― who put her on the stand for several hours during his trial ― had personally betrayed her.

“I only met Trump a handful of times, not even. I didn’t consider him to be a friend,” she said. “I didn’t have private conversations, I didn’t trust him, and he certainly didn’t steal from me.”

“Michael Avenatti betrayed my trust in every way possible. He lied to my face. He lied about me,” she added.

Watch the interview here: