Gen Xers And Millennials Got Into Weirdest Fight Over Super Bowl Halftime Show

Two generations are claiming the Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show ― and some are getting just a touch testy over it.

But it was a tweet about the event by NBC News that may have inadvertently kicked off an intergenerational feud as the network declared: “Super Bowl Halftime Show taps into millennial nostalgia.”

Millennials cheered, while Gen Xers (as apathetically as possible, of course) stepped in to contest the claim.

Each side has a solid argument.

All of the key performers except for Lamar are Gen Xers by age, but the bulk of the songs played were big hits during the formative years for many Millennials.

That led to some (mostly) good-natured discussions and jokes over which generation was best represented by the performance: