Chips from broken PlayStation 5 consoles might be showing up in crypto mining rigs

Where do PS5s go when they die? They don’t go to heaven, where the angels fly—it appears AMD has other plans for dearly departed gaming consoles. AMD might be taking the APUs (the combined CPU and GPU chip) from broken Playstation 5 consoles and repurposing them for expensive crypto mining rigs. 

The ASRock BC-250 mining rig, which features 12 AMD BC-250 mining cards, might have the APUs from defective Sony Playstation 5 consoles, according to leaker Komachi via Tom’s Hardware. There’s no CPU listed on the product page, which means that one of the PS5 APUs’ CPUs is most likely handling non-mining related tasks. The rig uses 16GB GDDR6 RAM, which is coincidently how the PlayStation 5 is set up.